Monday, August 13, 2012

More Bear Break-ins

In Norway, they're drunkards:
A family of bears is suspected of having broken into a cabin in northern Norway and polished off over a hundred cans of beer.
"They had a hell of a party in there," cabin owner Even Borthen Nilsen told NRK. "The cabin has the stench of a right old piss up, trash, and bears."
The bear, and three cubs, are reported to have forced their way into the cabin by ripping a wall off.
"The beds and all kitchen appliances, stove, oven and cupboards and shelves were all smashed to pieces," he said.
And furthermore the bears had finished off all the food and drink in the house - including all the marshmallows, chocolate spread, honey and over 100 cans of beer.
And as we've seen before, in the US, they've got a sweet tooth, like this bear in Colorado who broke into a candy shop:
“He ate nine Rice Krispie treats, four of those cookie bears and two or three Balls of Joy, which are fudge balls, and four peanut butter cups before he left. And a lot of English toffee,” said store owner Jo Adams.
It's gotten to the point that the trend has been noticed by the mainstream media, like this Associated Press article that mentions another candy store break-in and other bear troubles in New York State and elsewhere.  Experts quoted there attribute the crime wave to the lack of natural food because of the drought, but readers of this blog know that bears have a love of junk food even in easier times.

The junk food habit can be even worse for their health than it is for ours - another Colorado bear was shot when a man found it sitting on his couch eating popcorn. But apparently it can be good for human business, according to the owner of the Colorado candy store:
“At least five times a day people come in to order the exact same things the bear ate, I love it, we’ve been making extras of these particular treats just to keep up with the demand!”

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