Thursday, October 18, 2012

Presented without comment....

...just some added italics, because it's been far too long since we contemplated the evil that is dolphins:

The Ukrainan navy has restarted special training for dolphins and other animals for military duties including attacking enemy combat swimmers and detecting mines, a military source in the Ukrainian naval port of Sevastopol told RIA Novosti on Thursday.
"Ten dolphins are now being trained for special tasks in the Ukrainian state oceanarium, and the Ukrainian military are regularly training the animals for detecting things on the seabed," the source said.
The killer-dolphins will be trained to attack enemy combat swimmers using special knives or pistols fixed to their heads, the source said. "We are now planning training exercises for counter-combat swimmer tasks in order to defend ships in port and on raids," he said.

Oh, and the photo? That's a US Navy dolphin trained to "detect, locate and mark threat swimmers and divers attempting to commit terrorist attacks." The Navy says that it "does not now train, nor has it ever trained, its marine mammals to harm or injure humans in any fashion or to carry weapons to destroy ships." But of course they would say that, wouldn't they.

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