Monday, April 29, 2013

Looking forward to my golden years

We've seen a 94-year-old Australian woman beat an attacking kangaroo on the head with a broom, a 74-year-old woman in England save her Chihuahua from a hawk, and a Russian grandmother  fend off an attacking wolf with an axe.

Now we've got an 83-year-old Indonesian woman who recently survived an attack by a Komodo dragon:

Haisah was sitting on the ground outside her house on Rinca island, one of several Komodo-inhabited islands frequently visited by tourists, making a broom from a coconut tree, when the two-metre (6.6-foot) reptile sprang at her.
"All of a sudden, a Komodo bit my right hand," she told AFP from her bed in hospital where she has been receiving treatment since the attack. "I have no idea which direction it came from."
"A knife fell from my right hand as the Komodo sunk its teeth into my wrist. There was nobody else around and I knew that I faced a fight for survival."
But the elderly lady managed to repel the attack: "I kicked the Komodo on one its front legs with all my strength, it was only one kick but it made the Komodo let go of my hand, then I screamed for help."
With one kick! That's the kind of old lady that I hope I will be someday.

Komodo checking out how tasty you are by Flickr user gsbrown99.

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