Monday, October 14, 2013

A symbol of the nation

Columbus Day has become a national holiday of ambivalence: a celebration of the 'discovery' of our country, which is understandably a bit annoying to the people who were already here. So it's an appropriate day for a story that shows that our national animal symbol is not all it's cracked up to be either:
He's a symbol of everything our great country stands for. The majestic bald eagle. It doesn't get more patriotic than our nation's bird. Most people are glad to see a slice of Americana in their own backyard. But in Sebewaing...
"He's a nuisance bird," resident Tami Bieri said. Tami Bieri is fed up. Ever since the young animal made his presence known just off Beck Street. Bieri says the bird that her daughter named "Derrick" has been terrorizing her pets.
"I left my two dogs outside and my smaller dog was attacked by an eagle. And then as the eagle was taking off with the dog, my Jack Russell attacked the eagle and both dogs got away," Bieri said.
As usual, the authorities are no help:
Now Bieri wants something done to evict the newest feathered resident. But so far, she says she's not getting much help. "He's federally protected. I've called the DNR, the Sebewaing police, and they pretty much say there's nothing they can do because the eagle's not injured," Bieri said.
And here's an expert's suggestion for how to defend your poor innocent pets from a large bird of prey:
"Clap your hands and yell at the bird when you see the bird around, bang on a pot when you see the bird around, go out there with an umbrella, flap the umbrella opened and closed to try and spook the bird off just so it doesn't feel settled around people," bird expert Karen Cleveland said.
Good luck with that.... on yet another day where animals have the freedom to get away with whatever they want in this great country of ours.

Eagle by Flickr user Jason Mrachina. Majestic, sure, except maybe to the fish...


  1. I lost respect for our national symbol when I first moved to the Aleutian Islands. I saw a bald eagle climbing out of a Dumpster, covered head to toe in green slime. I would get woken up by crashing and banging on my roof as eagles would have an Eagle Party as they fought over a salmon face. Majestic and dignified.

  2. Thank you for this eyewitness confirmation of the true nature of these creatures. Seriously, who does their PR? I want to hire them.


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