Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make sure you know who your friends are

Last week in Tacoma WA, a raccoon got into a house, tore up the bathroom, and attacked the family dog, who is expected to recover from scratches that needed stiches, although he'll have to wear one of those embarassing cones for a week.

But that raccoon, who got in through a pet door, apparently isn't the worst of them:

Animal Control agents told (dog owner) Leopold such attacks aren't uncommon. In fact, they say raccoons will sometimes befriend dogs to get to their food, then they turn on the dogs.

"When the dogs trust them enough, they let the raccoon follow them inside the house to get their food," said Leopold.

Bad raccoon by Flickr user LexnGer.


  1. Woman recovers from raccoon 'gang attack'
    Published: Oct. 5, 2009 at 12:08 PM

    A Lakeland, Fla., woman was recovering from serious injuries she received in what sheriff's department investigators called a "gang attack" by five raccoons.

    Polk Count Sheriff Grady Judd said Gretchen Whitted, 74, was trying to scatter the raccoons from her front door when they turned on her, WTSP-TV, Tampa, Fla., reported.

    "When she fell down, they enveloped her," Judd said of the attack. "She's literally bitten and scratched from face and the chest all the way down through the legs."

    Raccoons can be aggressive when going after food, but the sheriff called Saturday's attack very unusual, the television station said

    "Not in all my years in Florida have I known of a gang attack by raccoons on an individual," Judd said Sunday during a news conference to warn of aggressive raccoons.

    Polk County Animal Control officers placed traps throughout the neighborhood, hoping to trap the raccoons involved in the attack, Judd said, adding that officials won't know if they catch the actual culprits. If caught, the animals will be tested for rabies and possibly destroyed.

  2. Raccoon GANGS. OMG, what next?


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