Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet deal ends for rogue anaconda

At a park in Florida, ducks and geese had been disappearing for the past few months. "We would only find feathers all over the place," one witness said.

Waterfowl at the park are now safe again since a twelve foot long anaconda was evicted from its hiding place in a pond. It was captured last week by mounted police, according to the Orlando Sentinel. (No word on how the horses assisted.)

This snake must have thought itself pretty clever, living for free and feeding from the public trough. And this blog can only rejoice that it has been put in its place. But it's yet another case where the humans involved seem to have been asleep at the switch. It's no wonder animals get away with this kind of stuff: How do you not notice - for months - a twelve foot long snake?

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  1. Man, we need a snake like that at our local park. The Canada geese are out of hand. Freeloading all year round instead of just passing through.

    Were the cops still sitting on their horses during the pursuit? Who knew those anacondas were so swift?


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