Monday, May 6, 2013

Bad News Briefs

Three headlines that need no comment:

Truckee Man Finds Bear Trapped in His Truck
“At one point, he had both hands up on the steering wheel, honking the horn with his snout. It was pretty amazing for awhile.”

Crow Ruffles Feathers on Golf Course
"I’ve seen him take a $5 note out of somebody’s wallet and one of my playing partners lost a pair of sunglasses,” golfer Andrew Long told 7News.
He often swoops in to try and steal food, tees and the occasional ball, and according to members, the crow has even been known to make off with a pack of cigarettes.
But he seems to have taken a particular liking to the clubhouse delicacies.
“A mate of mine went up and bought a pie one Saturday and he came back down and took the pie off the buggy seat and it must’ve been hot because he dropped it in the middle of the pond,”
A Police Dog Ate My Hamster
A DRUGS bust took a bizarre twist when a police sniffer dog ate a pet hamster, a court was told.

During the raid on a house in Bath Street, Werneth, a drugs dog was allowed to walk around the house and knocked over a hamster cage, releasing the animal inside.

The dog chased and ate the hamster whole before being forced to cough up the now-dead animal.

No drugs charges were brought against Muza Khan (46) — but he appeared at Oldham Magistrates Court yesterday to answer RSPCA cruelty accusations after officers discovered a bald parakeet in distress during their raid.

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  1. I assume that the dog did not buy his own water dish. Therefore, we can chalk this one up on the dog's side.


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