Thursday, May 16, 2013

Know your bad animals, and know how to use them

As we've seen again and again, it's amazing what animals can do and still people don't realize their true nature. A bird is a repeat attacker:
A HUGE eagle owl that terrorised pedestrians and left one man in hospital has finally been caught.The bird of prey, with a wingspan of more than six feet, knocked John Mackay, 58, to the ground in January, and left him with a gash to the back of his head.
It also attacked Noel Hill, 50, from behind. He told how he had to fight off the bird with his fists.
and yet:
Joe Ross, who works as a barman near where the owl was captured, said there was a big crowd taking pictures of the bird before the SSPCA moved in.
He said: “The owl wasn’t doing anything. It was just sitting there on a vent on the procurator fiscal’s building.
“I saw it when it was here before. It’s a nice bird.”
 Elsewhere we've got police unclear on the concept of "danger":
The animal is one of three racoons that escaped after a branch damaged their enclosure at the Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre during a storm in January. Two have since been recovered.The force said it had recently received several sightings of the small mammal.
A force spokeswoman said: "The raccoon is not dangerous. However, it may give a nasty bite should it be cornered."
Some people never learn. But in Kenya, some people not only know bad animals when they see them, but know how to use them for their own ends:
Kenyan demonstrators released two dozen piglets at the gates of parliament and poured blood on the pavement Tuesday to protest demands by newly elected lawmakers for a wage hike.

Police, who fired tear gas to disperse the protestors and beat others with truncheons, scurried after the pigs as they scampered through the grassy area surrounding the parliament.

“We will not allow members of parliament to increase their salaries at will,” shouted one of the protest organisers Okiya Omtatah.

“They are greedy just like the pigs we have brought here,” Omtata added.

Some of the piglets had been daubed with the names of specific MPs on their bodies.

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