Monday, May 20, 2013

Persistent pests

Two far-flung instances of bad animals that won't take no for an answer:

In Tampa, a bear was captured out of a tree in a backyard - not for the first time:
Deputies and wildlife officers responded to the scene, and shortly after 10 a.m., they shot the bear with a tranquilizer dart. The official shot him again several minutes later, and the bear fell out of the tree.
Officials said the bear, which appears to weigh about 400 pounds, has a tag, which means he has interacted with humans before. 
According to FWC spokesman Gary Morse, the bear was originally found in Orlando months ago. Wildlife officials trapped him and took him to the Ocala National Forest, which is where officials said they plan to return the bear.
And in Britain, they're trying to save a swan with an even riskier habit - after losing his mate, he's fallen in love with a helicopter:
In 2012 Whooper took a liking to an incoming EC155 Eurocopter and became completely besotted with the machine.

He would chase it down the runway without fear of rejection or close encounters with the chopper's rotor blades.
Fearing a bird strike, the airport fire service ordered Whooper's owners to clip his wings.
But when his feathers grew back, the potentially fatal attraction grew stronger, and Whooper had to be clipped again.
Staff at Les Mielles Country Club are now searching for a female swan to keep their amorous bachelor company.
Danielle Le Brun, from the club, said: "He has taken a liking to the helicopter. He would chase it and try to get as close to it as possible which is not safe for him or the helicopter."

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