Monday, August 5, 2013

Bad animal trend updates

Today we've got updates for two recent trends to wary of, one for everyone, and one especially for the guys.

If you still don't believe that seagulls are a pressing danger, here's some additional evidence:

- An English grandmother who's constantly being attacked by a gull has to wear a colander on her head to go in her own backyard.
-Elsewhere in the country, a 92-year-old resident of an old age home was sitting outside feeding the birds and a gull stole her dentures
-And a young man thought it would be a funny prank to make dinner for his housemate, spike it with loads of pepper, and film his reaction with a hidden camera. Instead, he got video of a gull flying into the kitchen and chowing down.  Now they can't keep their windows open or else the bird is back looking for more.

And remarkably, right after last week's story of the dog eating his owner's testicles, comes this headline:

Man, 64, wakes up without a penis after night of drinking... and the neighbours tell him a dog ate it

OK, it is the Daily Mail... still, this is the sort of thing where you can't be too careful, so I have the duty to inform my readers so they can make their own decisions.

But I feel I also have the duty to get that picture out of your head, so I leave you with a grandmother brandishing a seagull-repelling colander:

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