Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ungrateful gulls

The scourge of seagulls continues in the UK, now with the story of a woman who was targeted after she actually tried to help them.

The gulls were first attracted to Penny Freeman's yard by her bird feeder. Soon this wasn't enough for them:

The torment began around six to eight months ago when Penny began feeding birds visiting her garden, only for the gulls to become interested in what was on offer.
“When it was deprived of that it would start pecking at the kitchen window - we could hear it night and day,” said Penny, who believes she has been targeted by the same bird, but cannot be certain.
When they built a nest, despite their behavior, Ms. Freeman was concerned for their well-being:
A couple of weeks ago, Mrs Freeman and her brother noticed one of the gull's chicks had become stuck in some guttering, so tried to rescue it.
The pair took the bird, which had been ignored by the adult seagulls, to the vets, but it died.
When the second chick of these neglectful parents fell into the garden,  here's how they reacted:
“For four days I was held hostage in this house by two seagulls looking after a baby. It was terrifying for me, absolutely terrifying. I felt like a prisoner. The washing stayed on the line for four days.”
She's not the only one in her neighborhood to have problems:
 The gentleman next door couldn't let his children play out in the back garden because of them.
"He tried to shoo them away with a broom, but they are very evil things.
"It comes to something when even children cannot play in their own garden."
 Apparently Ms. Freeman has learned her lesson and won't be trying to help birds anymore. She's demanding the local government take action, and says:
"They are like lizards, they are raptors and they have nasty scaly feet. I find them very threatening. Why should we be dictated to by a bird?”

Seagulls attacking ducks by Flick user grussell. No one is safe!

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