Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bad behavior old and new

A couple of animals forging new frontiers, and a new case of something we've seen many times before.

-In a town in Britain, residents are demanding that huge old trees be cut down because they've become nothing but access roads for burglars - of a rodent kind:
TREES are growing so close to homes in Kentish Town that squirrels are stealing soap and shower gel from bathrooms.

Johnny Murphy, 75, who has lived at a flat in Heybridge block in Castle Road, for more than 40 years said the soap-stealing squirrels “must be the cleanest in Kentish Town”.

He added: “Nobody knows where the stuff goes or what on earth they want to do with it, but we know it’s them because they’ve been caught red-handed in the past. No one can leave their windows open because you open one window and they spot it. They leap straight in from the branches.”

Mr Murphy added: “Even if they don’t steal anything, who wants squirrels bouncing around in their bedroom?"
-In Florida: Raccoon steals woman's purse as she watches turtle release
A sea turtle was set free after being nursed back to health in Fort Myers.
But a raccoon spoiled the turtle's moment when it stole Danielle Araica's pink clutch purse.
"He stole my wallet and went into the bushes," said Araica."He dropped it, and then I had that little boy go in there and fetch it for me."
-But in Ireland, same old same old:
Marine conservationists have warned of the dangers of swimming with dolphins after two women were badly hurt by the same dolphin within a 10-day period.

One woman sustained a broken rib, compressed vertebrae and lung damage when she was rammed by Dusty the dolphin off the Irish coast on Sunday.

Ten days earlier, another woman was rammed in the abdomen by Dusty while swimming in the same County Clare area
While some people attacked by dolphins were asking for it by deliberately interacting with them, the second woman was trying to climb out of the water. And yet a conservation group which erected signs and issued a statement saying that "a fatal attack could easily happen," was reportedly "reluctant to describe it as "aggressive" behaviour." Sigh. Will these people never learn?

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