Monday, May 19, 2014

Bad Animal Roundup

-At a university in Wales, final exams in languages and law were halted and had to be rescheduled when pigeons caused a disruption in the exam hall. As a student explained:
"There were two pigeons that somehow got in the room and they were on top of the organs in the back of the room and would not just shut up. I guess a few people complained and then they ended the exam."
-A particularly bad case of Snake in the Toilet in Singapore:
She had just sat down on the toilet bowl when she felt a sharp pain.

She looked down and saw a 1.8m-long python writhing in the toilet bowl, its jaws clamped on the back of her right thigh.
As usual, experts were no use - a pest controller called in failed to catch the snake, perhaps due to questionable loyalties:
"The python looked tired and scared," said the pest controller, who declined to be named.
-Angry beaver delays traffic, roams town chasing people in Canada:
An angry beaver was roaming around Miramichi on Tuesday, creating traffic delays and chasing onlookers.

Jim O'Neill was driving his taxi when he noticed a man being chased by a beaver off King George Highway on Tuesday.

"You look out the corner of your eye and see a beaver backing somebody up the driveway,” he said.

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