Monday, July 22, 2013

Bad animal headlines

There are so many bad animals I can't keep up with giving them each the attention they deserve.

-Fox steals handbag
"Fortunately the cheeky little fox didn't manage to work out my Pin number and my bank accounts were not touched."
-Man knocked out of his kayak by seal and rescued by lifeboat
“It appeared that the man had been fishing from his kayak and had caught about 20 mackerel and had them in a net over the side. A seal bumped into the kayak capsizing it and grabbed the net and fish for its tea."
-Aggressive snake slithers down chimney and attacks police 
Officers used containment tactics and avoided repeated attempts by the animal to sink its fangs into them before eventually capturing the creature with the help of a bin, a takeaway pizza box and some gaffer tape. 
-3 injured by bear in Fukushima town
This one is mostly notable for the perfectly terrible computer-animated re-enactment video.

And finally, the source of today's photo:

Monkey is regular at Mumbai swimming pool
Every day for the past week, the primate has been showing up at the Kalidas Swimming Pool around 7 am — swimming without a worry for about an hour, much to the astonishment of regulars. For a couple of days, the facility's caretakers tried to scare the monkey away, but it would return for its hourly swim the next morning.
Video here.

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