Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bad Animal News Briefs

Another animal vs. car: Stork lays siege to village with car attacks
“At least four vehicles in the areas have been attacked,” mayor Ulrich Kersten confirmed on Friday. The damage to more expensive cars has been estimated at €1,000 a time.
The bird has also been pecking at windows and glass doors, leaving some residents scared to leave their homes. “How do we protect ourselves?” local woman Johanna Preuß asked the Nord Kurier newspaper. She was woken up at 5am on Friday by the large white bird, beak pressed against her terrace door.
Another animal attack via toilet: Snake bites man’s ‘snake’ on the toilet
The man, a resident of central Israel, paid his parents a visit in the northern town of Nofit. While sitting on the john, he was rudely and painfully interrupted when a snake appeared and bit his penis. The victim “ran from the room in horror” and went to Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center for treatment, according to the report.
A blood test found that the snake was not venomous. The man was in good condition, but doctors decided to keep him under medical supervision.
This one caught the attention of the mainstream media, resulting in this piece at Slate: A Brief History of Toilet-Based Animal Attacks.

Finally, I recommend this video of a wild boar running through the streets of Prague. Make sure to stay till the close-up ending.

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