Monday, July 15, 2013

New frontiers in bad animal behavior

Whenever I think I've seen it all, some animal comes up with a new twist. Here are a couple of recent innovators:

-Squirrel eats car: When a Florida woman found a six inch hole in the body of her SUV - and then a second, larger hole - the police asked if she had any enemies. Later, as she took out the trash, she caught the culprit in the act: it was a squirrel. "I'm not happy to see my car like this but at least I didn't have any enemies, at least not people," she said. But is she really sure this better?

-Huge python breaks into Australian charity store
Police Sergeant Don Auld thought a thief had fallen through the ceiling and vomited on the floor when called to a Queensland charity store break-in.

But the slippery criminal turned out to be a 5.7 metre python who left the smelly memento for staff.

The snake had pooed in the St Vincent de Paul store in Ingham and left crockery, clothes and other goods smashed and scattered all over the floor.

"It was so big and had made such a mess, we thought someone had gone on a bit of rampage."

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