Thursday, July 25, 2013

Have you packed your swimsuit - and your helmet?

A few weeks ago we saw that even a respectable mainstream newspaper like The Guardian was moved to warn of the danger of seagull attacks.

But it's these common everyday animals that it's most difficult to convince people of the dangers of, so I think all of the following stories are deserving of note:

Woman in hospital after gull attack:
The pensioner was enjoying a gentle stroll in the sunshine through the city’s Portland Square when the large gull swooped at her. It repeatedly pecked at her head and face, continuing to attack even after passers-by intervened to scare it off.

“I was so shocked by it,” said Miss Little. “The gull kept coming back at me again and again. The woman who helped me swung my handbag at it. It was a really big bird."
Gulls target cyclist:
"It started off actually with one," he said. "The next minute they all came from the docks on Hedon Road. My legs turned to jelly. They were all making the same noise. So in my panic I ran across Hedon Road and they followed me for about a mile down the road."
 As usual, "experts" are on the side of the attackers:
An ornithologist said the birds were a protected species defending their nests.
Woman tears Achilles tendon in seagull attack:
"This seagull swooped off the roof at me," Ms Goodrum said. "I put my hands up to wave it away. I turned around and he came from the other side - he was about two inches away from my face. I turned around again, panicked, ran and went straight on the floor. I couldn't feel my foot."
And finally the obligatory movie reference:

Gull attack was “like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie”:
Eastbourne mum Barbara Buza was with her friend their two young children when they saw a screaming woman with blood running down her face and on to the pavement. They were unsure what happened and went to help the distressed woman when a seagull swooped down and attacked another local resident.
Barbara said, “I have never seen anything like it. It was like a scene out of a Hitchcock movie. The lady had blood running from her head, down her chin and on to the pavement. I got out my tissues and used the whole pack trying to help her.”
So, when you're packing for the beach, don't forget your tissues... or even better, a helmet.

Photo of a gull attacking an eagle mid-air from the New Scientist, in case you're not already convinced these bird will stop at nothing.

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