Monday, October 1, 2012

Animals vs. Technology

Animals vs the power grid: Causing blackouts is a classic form of animal mayhem, but the culprits are mostly fliers or tree-climbers: snakes, raccoons, squirrels, cats including one bobcat and more birds than I can possibly link to here. It's hardly even newsworthy for this blog, unless it's cows: in Scotland, the power company blamed a blackout on cows rubbing against poles.

Animal vs video camera: Here's a video of what happens when a seagull steals a camcorder.

Animals keeping up with the latest developments: New tech means new ways for animals to make trouble. The picture above is of a bear stealing an iPad from a campsite, and of course someone took video of that too. Yes,the devices have a remote tracking function, but it probably won't work in the remote San Bernadino mountains.... and even if it did, would you walk up to a bear and ask for your iPad back?

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