Monday, March 4, 2013

One Extreme to the Other Linkarama

You can look at moving pictures and laugh, or you can read real science. Something for everyone!

Collections of Bad Animals Gifs:

- At Buzzfeed, Animals That Are Huge Jerks.

-Even better because continually added to: at Reddit, Animals Being Jerks.


-The incomparable Ed Yong explains why frogs don't care if they mate a female to death: because they still get to sire offspring anyway.

-Cute meerkats use subordinate animals to test out threats, like making them go first when crossing a road.

-How cheating monkeys hide their affairs from their mates.  You have to wonder what this kind of work does to a scientist's mind:
After carefully studying more than 1,000 sexual relationships among geladas, the research team found that cheating individuals do, indeed, make sexual noises less frequently.

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