Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday shopping guide

Once again, it's our annual guide to gifts that will help spread the truth about animals or give bad animals what they deserve.  And what more effective way to spread the truth than to wear it on your chest? Over at Topatoco they've got a whole category of t-shirts of Animals Doing Things That They Aren't Supposed To Be Doing. I especially recommend this excellent symbolic representation of the true nature of dolphins (catch up with the archives here if you don't believe it).

Know any cats? You need an inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats from Archie McPhee. That'll show 'em.

And of course, the best way to inform your friends who don't get it about animals: of course you're going to get them the book. (And as this post about the best gifts for a writer explains, that would be an excellent gift for me too!) Full of high-quality animal offensiveness, much never seen on the blog!

Holiday shipping deadlines are fast approaching, so get going on that clicking, and on Thursday we'll return to our regular bad animal news.

PS: If you like the illustrations in the book (and if you don't, what's wrong with you?) my illustrator's t-shirt company is going out of business, so don't miss your last chance to order at


  1. Ha! I love the unicorn horn for cats. Maybe you should just get a unicorn shirt for you cat in baby size like this one:
    Would love to see how that would look like! :)

    Cheers from me

    1. I have a cat that deserves to wear both as a matching ensemble.


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