Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Animals Eating Things They Shouldn't

Today we have three very different stories of animals eating things they shouldn't be eating. The first is one of my favorite types: the charming zoo animal showing a crowd of naive animal lovers what nature is really like:

Polar bear eats peacock in Vienna zoo
Visitors were shocked to witness Lynn demolish the hapless bird, leaving nothing but a couple of feathers, before retiring for an afternoon nap.

It appears the unfortunate bird had taken a shine to the bear's new enclosure during the two and a half year construction period, and clearly had no idea its new residents weren't vegetarians.
From Pennsylvania, a headline that is perfect on its own:

Black Bear eats muffin, ignores police in Silver Spring

And finally, I highly recommend that you go and read this in its entirety, in which a scientist who is in denial about the dietary habits of walruses has to admit that they eat much cuter animals than just clams and other mollusks - and in fact, that science has been studiously ignoring the evidence for well over a century.


  1. That's delightful. And I love that walrus article. =) Unfortunately, I can never remember which, but I've seen either cute little bunnies (brush rabbits) or ground squirrels eating the road killed version of themselves. Maybe squirrel is more likely as the list of things it eats includes birds (!) and eggs. Either way, I always find it amusing when wildlife defy our expectations and merrily kill or eat things we'd never imagined.


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