Friday, January 30, 2009

Reign of turkey terror continues in Massachusetts

Turkeys interfere with delivery of US Mail

ROCKPORT - Nearly every day over the last five months, an average of 10 turkeys — led by a pair of male "ring leaders" — have been chasing and attempting to peck a postal worker on his route along Marmion Way and South Street...

The local post office stopped delivering mail to several South Street homes after an incident Jan. 15 when a number of passers-by stopped to help the postal worker as he was being chased by the quick-trotting turkeys.

"Last week, people had to intervene so (the mail carrier) could get back to his truck," Russell said yesterday. "He was trying to wave a bag full of mail at the turkeys as he ran when some folks pulled over to shoo the turkeys away."

Turkeys have been similarly harassing innocent citizens in the Boston area since at least 2007, as reported by NPR and the Boston Globe.

(Threatening turkey from photo from Globe.)

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