Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Animal Award

The perfect followup to National Dog Day: It's time again for the annual Hambone Award for the pet with the most unusual insurance claim for the year.

This year's winner, Ellie the labrador, ate a beehive full of dead bees, after exterminators had sprayed it with pesticide.

The vet told Ellie's panicked owners, Robert and Sandra Coe, that she hadn't been stung, and the pesticide would have no ill effects:
For the next week, the Coes administered over-the-counter antacid tablets and put Ellie on a diet of plain white rice and chicken. “She was eating better than we were,” joked Robert. “She acted just fine that week, really, but every time she went to the bathroom, she pooped bees. Thousands of bees. I don’t know where they all came from – the hive wasn’t that large.”

Ellie beat out a number of worthy candidates including:

-A terrier that bit a chainsaw - while it was in use;

-Another Labrador that ate 23 packages of instant breakfast mix;

-A border collie that ran straight through a glass window to bark at the mailman;

-A car-chasing boxer that actually caught one;

-And a poodle that ate two baby bottles and a dirty diaper, whose owner said:
“We thought we were being careful by putting the bottles underneath a metal cover in the sink and using a separate trash can for the diapers, but we underestimated Roscoe’s determination.”

Read their full stories here.


  1. I think all dog owners have the experience of thinking they've underestimated their dog's determination.

  2. I guess I should be glad that mine just want to eat poop and chicken bones, and not chainsaws.


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