Sunday, May 8, 2011

A word from our sponsor

Taking a break from regular blogging to say: Buy my new book!

Although the wombat prominently featured in this mystery does not try to kill anyone and the sloths do not dive into sewers, just a bit of the jacket copy should convince you that it is appropriately mentioned on this blog:

Everyone comes to the zoo to see the charming yearly ritual of elephants playfully stomping pumpkins at Halloween. Small mammal keeper Hannah usually thinks it's not fair--why do the big animals get all the attention? But this year the fun turns deadly: Victor, lover of charismatic zoo director Allison, is found dead in the elephant yard--where he'd been left with a pumpkin carved to fit his head.

You can read a sample chapter here.

And in other shopping news:

This bad animal t-shirt is on sale for only ten dollars for a limited time over at Toothpaste for Dinner. If you've got any money left after ordering my book, go for it!

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