Monday, June 3, 2013

Canine Classics

Once again, law enforcement makes their job more difficult by not being familiar with this blog:
Baffled police have finally solved a shoedunit mystery after dozens of items of stolen footwear were found stashed in a fox's den in Neunkirch, Switzerland.

More than 40 pairs of trainers, boots, sandals and shoes were unearthed when a baffled local spotted a vixen trying to drag a pair of wellies into her lair.

Villagers had believed they'd become the target of a kinky foot fetishist until police unmasked the foxy culprit.

"We'd had many reports of items of footwear going missing from outside houses and we couldn't work out where they were going," admitted a police spokesman.
They'd have come up with the theory sooner if they'd read this post about a fox in Germany who stole over a hundred pairs of shoes. And if they'd read the book too they'd know that these are criminals that are undaunted by public exposure: when people took their shoes back, that fox stole more.

And in another traditional form of canine bad behavior, this time taken to new heights - or lows: We've seen so many dogs causing car accidents that I've sometimes wondered if it's worth reporting on them anymore.  After all, who's surprised that dogs are bad drivers? But sometimes a combination of classic canine misbehavior is worthy of note, like the dog who caused a car accident by barfing.  If you think that's bad, this new story is even worse:
The driver had his dog in the front seat with him.  The dog apparently couldn't hold it any longer, and started going to the bathroom on the center console. The large dog apparently slipped from his perch, and fell onto the gas pedal.
The driver said he couldn't stop the truck before it went crashing into a house.
Ugh. Sorry, folks, I don't make 'em up, I just report them.

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