Monday, September 13, 2010

More monkey mayhem

Last week we saw evidence of an increasing trend toward troublemaking alligators, but novelty shouldn't lead us to neglect the activities of our most reliable, traditional culprits: monkeys.

Gangs of rampaging monkeys have been attacking people in Japan, in two towns near Mount Fuji. More than 60 people have been victims, and the motive?
Animal experts believe the monkeys may be biting and scratching people for fun, predicting the attacks should stop once they become bored.

In India, a monkey is stealing eyeglasses from an office, making off with five pairs of spectacles so far.

Fortunately, experts are giving the victims good advice, for a change:
"If we start offering them some reward to get the items back, then they start looking for such opportunities. They should be scared not rewarded."

Finally, our old friends the drunk baboons of South Africa have been invading homes and interfering with civilized existence:
"Lunch parties in the garden are now just impossible," a homeowner complained. "It is so unrelaxing. Rather than chatting over our meal, we are looking over our shoulders and bolting the food as quickly as we can before it is stolen. We can't even leave a window open in summer."

Truly, what is this world coming to?

Thanks for the spectacle-stealing-simian tip and photo to Monkey Day, for all your monkey news needs.

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