Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bad animal longreads

I simply cannot keep up with the bad animals! Go and read these three stories, they all deserve your full attention:

-A first person account by a man who was nearly killed by a cow:
It's hard to comprehend just how big a cow is until you're underneath one, looking up at it. I've no idea what made her so angry – I've waved at cows before and they've always backed off. But this one seemed possessed. She was making the most terrible bellowing, bawling sound – I think she genuinely wanted to kill me.

-A warning for bunnyhugger types: A man in Oregon tried to save a mouse from a cat and is now in critical condition with plague. Yes, that plague. THE BLACK DEATH.

-And before you order any more of that delicious calamari: Squid can have sex with your mouth. Experts emphasize that this can't actually make your pregnant with squid, but does that really make it any better?

Photo by Flickr user - and person who was lucky to escape with his life - rick harrison.

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