Monday, July 23, 2012

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VIPeed: Circus tiger gives audience a real show

A group of top businessmen got more than they bargained for from a night at the circus when a tiger urinated on their VIP box. Fortunately, their spirits weren’t dampened.
­The tiger, nicknamed Kesha, answered the call of nature right in the middle of the night’s performance  in the Kazakhstan city of Ekibastuz, reports Interfax citing an eyewitness.
“The jet launched over two meters and hit the VIP box,” the witness said.
“The tiger was sitting atop a stand when the tamer cracked his whip. But instead of performing the act, the tiger lifted his leg and targeted the people occupying the expensive seats,” another witness told Novosti-Kazakhstan news agency.
The ludicrous incident provoked quite a lot of laughter around, but didn’t interrupt the show. None of the guests who suffered the surprise left the circus.
The animal is part of the Old Moscow Circus troupe, which is touring Kazakhstan at present. It has been performing in Ekibastuz for about two weeks.

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