Thursday, July 16, 2009

The dog ate my checkbook

OK, it's not fair to entirely blame the dog for this one... but can we agree to blame the dogs for making the excuse so plausible?
ARLINGTON, WA. -- A woman believed to have stolen money from her ex-husband's bank account told police her dog made her do it.

It's an excuse Arlington police haven't heard since the homework-eating dogs of high school, spokeswoman Kristin Banfield said.

The case started when an Arlington man, 42, went to police in late March to complain that money was disappearing from his bank account.

Detectives filed court orders to follow the money trail, Banfield said. The money was being used to pay utility bills and other sundry items at the man's ex-wife's home, outside of Arlington.

Detectives were suspicious of the woman, 50, when they learned her excuse for dipping into her ex's funds without permission.

"Her dog got into her purse and ate all her personal checks," Banfield said. The woman reportedly told police she had no choice but to take funds from her former husband's account.

"The dog ate my checks was the first excuse. There were multiple excuses," Banfield said.

Now the woman is under investigation for identity theft and forgery. Arlington police have forwarded the case to Snohomish County prosecutors.

Roscoe the pug of sainted memory, eating cash - a cautious dog does not accept checks - by Flickr user Zoomar.

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