Monday, July 27, 2009

"Remembered fondly"

Last week we met Elvis, a rooster whose mate died of exhaustion due to his sexual enthusiasm. Now here's an animal that shows Elvis how a gentleman does it.

THE SUN, UK - A randy sea lion named Mike died of exhaustion after a marathon mating session at a zoo.

The whiskery beast had been enjoying a morning romp with his harem Farah, Tiffy and Soda when keepers noticed something was wrong.

The dad of 12 was so exhausted that he could not even get out of his pool - and had to be pulled clear by staff.

Despite receiving treatment from a vet, the 45-stone "good natured" sea lion died from acute heart failure.

A spokesman for Nuremberg animal park in Germany said on Tuesday: "Mating season is a common time for fatalities when bulls often stop eating for days to devote themselves fully to mating.

"For sea lion bulls with a harem this is the most exhausting time."

California-born Mike was 19 - two years older than the average life expectancy.

The spokesman added: "He will be remembered fondly."

Thanks for the link to Sir Pilkington-Smythe's Twitter; picture of a no doubt perfectly innocent and respectable sea lion from Misterqueue.

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