Monday, May 24, 2010

Making excuses for man's best friend

They send us to the emergency room, cause car accidents, destroy great works of literature. And how do humans respond?

In Ottawa, a driver lost control of his car and crashed it into a coffee shop, fortunately with minimal damage and no injury. Initial reports said that the accident was caused when a dog bit the driver's hand.

Mistaken information goes out on the news every day that's never corrected. But in this case, the Ottawa Citizen rushed to print more than one story that cleared the Chihuahua of responsibility:

A six-month-old Chihuahua initially blamed for causing a car crash that sent a vehicle careening into a coffee shop has been cleared.

Initial reports said the dog bit the driver of a moving vehicle in the Glebe, causing the car to crash into a second one before hitting a coffee shop on Thursday afternoon. However, the dog's owner said the Chihuahua bit the man after the crash, when he tried to get it out of the car.

Do-gooders will even leap to the defense of dogs in the age-old battle between canines and cats, evoking an appropriate response from sensible Scottish cat ladies:
Angela Blanchard, from Cruden Bay, said she was shocked by a visit from welfare officers after her cat Rosie attacked the dog in a school playground.

Mrs Blanchard admitted four-year-old Rosie did not like dogs but said she was bemused the incident had been reported to the authorities.

It seems like the only thing that a dog can't get away with is a direct attack on officers of the law - like the dog who was sent to anger management classes after attacking a police car. And yet even when a dog bit a police officer in Ohio, it was his owner who was fined. Really, how far does it have to go before a dog takes the blame?

Bad dog contemplating her sins by Flickr user jurisdog.

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