Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moko behaves badly no more

It's not often that we get to note the passing of a prominent badly behaved wild animal.

Moko the dolphin was such a well known figure in New Zealand that he was given a funeral and buried in a casket with flowers on top. Speakers at the ceremony, like the woman in this video, said things like:

"He swam in the water with all of us, and the water was filled with love."

Yes, this woman is talking about the same dolphin that we met some time ago, who was famous for "playing" with swimmers, as reported in The Telegraph under the headline "Delinquent dolphin causes terror in the surf:"

Six people have needed rescuing by lifesavers in recent days as the dolphin has become more aggressive.

Among them were two 12-year-old girls who were both injured when they were "mugged" by Moko for their boards.

And a 16-year-old surfer was stranded 500 yards offshore after the delinquent dolphin stole his board.

Gisborne man Dean Makara said he was knocked out of his kayak.

...In an earlier incident, an exhausted woman swimmer feared she would drown after Moko refused to let her return to shore because he had not finished playing with her.

An autopsy was performed, but the pathologists investigating Moko's death reported that they were unable to determine the cause.

Why am I the only one who seems to be wondering the obvious: Was it revenge?

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