Monday, March 14, 2011

Regular bad animal programming resumes Thursday

The blog has been watching too much news from Japan to feel like posting anything funny, so instead, first a brief public service announcement, and then, someone else to make you laugh.

Here's a link to a group that does animal rescue in Japan and has experience from the Kobe earthquake:

Animal Refuge Kansai

They take donations via Paypal. Don't panic when you log into Paypal and it's all in Japanese - there's a link at top right for English.

And, in addition to the usual international suspects, here's a Japanese organization to donate to for human disaster relief that my source in Japan recommends: JEN

And now, if you haven't seen this excellent clip about the honey badger that's been making the rounds of the internet, check it out. Disgusting.

Watch the rest of Randall's Wild World of Animals on You Tube. Definitely the official wildlife films of Animals Behaving Badly.

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