Monday, January 6, 2014

Weather or bears? Your choice

In much of the country we're looking at weather that's making us consider moving to Florida. Before you from make any rash decisions, you may want to check out these two stories about the bear situation there:

-In one neighborhood in Seminole County, residents say the bears are taking over:
Some residents of Heathrow say the bears have been sitting in driveways and on front door steps, and the people say they feel trapped in their homes.  They come in through the woods and hang out right outside near the houses.
Over the past few months, residents said the bears have become increasingly aggressive.
"Frequently people are attempting to come into or out of their houses and they get growled at by the bear, who's not backing off or leaving," said resident Eddie Selover.
As is often the case, authorities are no help at all, making the excuse that there's no place to move them to and they'd probably come back anyway.
"Rather than have someone actually saying that they're going to take some action or do something about it, they send you a bear magnet with tips on how to live with the bears," Selover said, "I don't want to live with bears."
And elsewhere, a persistent bear isn't stopping at hanging out on the front steps. It's broken into a man's screened porch twice in the same week.  After the first break-in, Tramaine Gaines wisely removed everything from the porch that might attract an animal, including some cooking oil. As you can see from the video above, it didn't help:
"This time there was no food, no food outside, I pulled everything in," said Gaines. "I thought it might be a different bear, and I was like, 'No way another bear would know exactly where to come back to and that the screen was already broken.'"
He's hoping to be able to put up some kind of barrier that will keep the bear out, because as he sensibly comments:
"The first time was really funny. This time I'm a little more concerned."

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